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Saturday, February 20, 2010



Canary, possibly the only person who checks this blog, told me that I have not wrote here in forever. Something new and different...

Soo, updatesville: I am done with the rough-cut with my footage, and the re-edit of that rough-cut. Through this process, I've decided that I want to add a pretty substantial set of scenes in order to clarify the lead's relationship. So I'm currently writing new scenes, and we'll shoot them (hopefully) the next two weekends.

From there, the next/last major thing that I need to do is edit the historical footage into a docu/visualartsy thingamagig -- accompanied, most likely, by psuedo-vlogs with Sheila and Tommy.

The two less-major things that I need to do are a mini-photo shoot, and finish the dance scene, and of course do color and sound sweetening.

 Yup, so that's the update. More soon...

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