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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sheila In The Modern World!

Helloooo party people!

If you're here you probably know who I am (if not, boy is this awkward). This is my site for my current movie project, working title Sheila In The Modern World.

In short,

"If you can remember the 60's you weren't there."

Sheila can remember most of the 60's but her recollections come to a screeching halt in May 1970 when she is shot in a student rally. She wakes up alone, hungry and tasting stale drugs in May 2008. Sheila has to wrestle with the history, politics, and values of a globalized neo-capitalist post-modern world. In other words, get a job and deal with an awkward roommate love triangle. 

Sheila needs your help. 

If you can spare few bucks, no amount is too small to be GREATLY appreciated... a large portion of my budget is currently being raised out of spare change :)

And please keep an eye on this project:
A.Because watching a production process is neat.
C.Because you can't handle living in the modern world either.

Aaaaaaaand... Logistics!

The Bizness End

And now a little bit on the logistics and future of this project. I'm using a "Times" font, that's how you know I'm serious. 

What I currently have in terms of production expenses include a camera, shotgun microphone, access to locations, costumes, and some truly awesome actors. I am still trying to raise funding for additional sound equipment, and for a small portion of the film that will be shot on 8mm.  My estimated cost for sound equipment is $700. Shooting on 8mm with digital transfers could be up to $300. I will have additional expenses during post-production, including the cost of film-festival entry fees, but those will be raised primarily once the project is completed. 

Unfortunately, due to the fact that this is being made on spare change, Sheila In The Modern World will not be coming to a theater near you. After post-production is complete I will be submitting Sheila to as many film-festivals as I possibly can, and if I've done my job we'll get into festivals that have some level of recognition. I also plan to organize a variety of film-screenings throughout Boulder Colorado (so Sheila may be coming to a venue near you!) If you have any goods or services that you would like showcased in the Boulder community, email me at sheilainthemodernworld@gmail.com to discuss sponsorship options.

That's that exciting story.

Peace Out!

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