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Thursday, May 28, 2009

you can find stuff on craigslist!

I had to put a lot of thought into what exactly I'm doing with my sound money today. Basically a lot of people on a forum (shout out to indietalk, the amount of psychological reassurance I get there can't be bought) yelled at me to rent or hire a sound person with equipment and use my money that way. 

Once upon a time, before I made my first project, I was way down with the whole renting dealio. Technology moves quickly, and it can make more sense to rent what you need per project rather than trying to constantly purchase whatever is on the cutting edge. But renting on The Fighters (1st proj.) was a catastrophe. I wasted way too much money on a camera that spent way too much time sitting around. Since then I've been buying, the net result of which is I am able to even think about making this movie for under $5,000 because I already have a camera, quasi-lights, a mic, etc. 

Long story short, buying has worked well and renting has worked not at all. I'm sure that someday this'll change but I am where I am.

That brought me to option-hire-a-sound-guy. I didn't think I would end up going that route but I posted an add on craigslist just to see if I got any responses. I got a lot. Instantly. I may actually like craigslist again. Howevahs, I did run into the issue that I thought I would - the people who I am solidly convinced would do a better job than me I really don't think I can afford to compensate even remotely in the league of their worth. There was at least one college kid who I am going to stay in touch with, but he didn't have samples. Tip of the day, always have at least some kind of portfolio easily accessible. I should probably take my own tip, I don't have a demo reel. 

Anyhoo, student guy nowithstanding I've pretty much mentally come full-circle. I am probably going to buy what I can, use it to the best of my ability. But it's good to think about things right? Even if I spent all of my "pre-production" time today chasing my tail?

Well, not all of it. I was finally able to muster the to clean ze apartment today.  I was only able to work up the motivation by telling myself that I was "prepping my primary set." Oy veh.

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