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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The End Of Filming

So, the end (by which I mean second half because that's when I stopped writing) was...


Either remarkably boring, or stressful enough to make me largely repress the memories. I know that it was hot, and that I had to make the actors wear coats at times because it was supposed to be winter (evidently in hawkland deciduous trees are fine with Colorado winters), and I remember at some point a homeless man tried to convince us to make movies where kids from various cultures dressed up in their national garb and dance.

So in lieu of actually trying to dredge up memories which I am going to assume are buried for a reason I am going to post a few bad low res NON-COLOR CORRECTED stills of the footage thus far! These are from some of the scenes that I've edited, more will come as I continue to edit...

Also they aren't color corrected.

(also, in addition to being grainy I think these ended up stretched. Sorryz!)

For those of you who are wondering, the aspect ratio is on purpose. More on that later ;)

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